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  • The History of Craft Breweries

    The history of craft breweries is a long and varied one, full of exciting stories and characters. From the early days of homebrewing to the modern craft beer movement, there has always been a passion for well-made, flavorful beer.ย  Continue reading

  • Beer Styles

    There are so many different styles of craft beer these days that it can be hard to keep track of them all! Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular styles:ย  Continue reading

  • Different Types of Breweries


    Microbreweries, also called craft breweries or artisanal breweries, are small, independently-owned commercial breweries that produce limited amounts of beer. These breweries are typically characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. Microbreweries also brew less than 15,000 barrels of beer a year. Continue reading

  • Virginia Craft Brewing History

    In the early 1990s, there were only a handful of craft breweries in Virginia. Today, that number has exploded to over 130! Here’s a look at the history of craft brewing in the Old Dominion State.ย  Continue reading

  • How to Start Your Own Brewery

    First you must research what it really takes to be in the business of your choice so that you understand the work involved. You could just jump all in without reflecting on why you want to begin your own brewery but knowing the answer to that question will help a lot when things get tough – and they will. With a bit of self knowledge and a solid plan you will be well on your way to weathering those tough times and creating the amazing craft brewery business of your dreams. Below are the basic steps that you must take when getting into the brewery business.ย  Continue reading

  • Brews, Brats, and Bikes

    As the title suggests, I do, in fact, enjoy brews, brats, and bikes. Maybe not exactly in that order, however. As an avid biker or motorcyclist, whichever term you prefer to use, I donโ€™t consider my bike as a toy, but rather a tool. Suffice to say, without it, many experiences I would never have had, many places I would never have seen, and many people I would never have met. An epic bike camping trip I took one unseasonably warm, late October week was the epitome of my riding to date. Continue reading