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  • Brews, Brats, and Bikes

    As the title suggests, I do, in fact, enjoy brews, brats, and bikes. Maybe not exactly in that order, however. As an avid biker or motorcyclist, whichever term you prefer to use, I don’t consider my bike as a toy, but rather a tool. Suffice to say, without it, many experiences I would never have had, many places I would never have seen, and many people I would never have met. An epic bike camping trip I took one unseasonably warm, late October week was the epitome of my riding to date. Continue reading

  • The Expansive Growth of Craft Breweries

    What is a Craft Brewery?

    With the pop of craft breweries popping up all over the country the question of what defines a brewery as a craft brewery is most definitely a common question. To start, there are three characteristics of craft breweries:


    • Small
    • Independent
    • Traditional

    Continue reading

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